Vascular Surgery Associates is proud to serve Chicagoland and Northwest suburbs We are three university-trained vascular surgeons dedicated to patient care and outcomes.

We are three university-trained vascular surgeons. Our practice is located in Arlington Heights, a northwest suburb of Chicago. This practice was founded in 1970 and through its long history has maintained adherence to excellent patient care and outcomes.

We firmly believe in a teamwork approarch in delivering care to our patient. We encourage our patients to bring their family members and have questions ready. We typically discuss the diagnoses, show the X-ray findings, and educate the patient about his/her condition. We use computer graphics, teaching booklets and many pictures on our computers to help us in this task. This extra time is very valuable as an educated patient and family are an effective partner in their care.


1614 W Central Road, Suite 100
Arlington Heights, IL 60056

Phone: 847-577-5814

1614 W Central Road,Arlington Heights, IL 60056
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